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2005Effect of corrugation angle on the hydrodynamic behaviour of power-law fluids during a flow in plate heat exchangersFernandes, Carla S.; Dias, Ricardo P.; Nóbrega, J. M., et al.conferencePaperrestrictedAccess
Jul-2011Effect of guar gum on the physicochemical, thermal, rheological and textural properties of green edam cheeseOliveira, N. M.; Dourado, Fernando; Peres, A. M., et al.articleopenAccess
2002Evaluation by means of stress relaxation (after a step strain) experiments of the viscoelastic behavior of polymer melts in uniaxial extensionBarroso, V. C.; Maia, J. M.articlerestrictedAccess
Dez-2002Evolution of chemistry, morphology and rheology of various polymer systems along a twin-screw extruderCovas, J. A.; Carneiro, O. S.; Maia, J. M., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2004Evolution of peroxide-induced thermomechanical degradation of polypropylene along the extruderMachado, A. V.; Maia, J. M.; Canevarolo, S. V., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2006Evolution of the morphological and rheological properties along the extruder length for compatibilized blends of a commercial liquid-crystalline polymer and polypropyleneFilipe, Susana A.; Cidade, Maria Teresa; Wilhelm, M., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2008Friction factors of power-law fluids in chevron-type plate heat exchangers.Fernandes, C. S.; Dias, R.; Nóbrega, J. M., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2003Heat transfer and rheology of stirred yoghurt during cooling in plate heat exchangersAfonso, I. M.; Hes, Lubos; Maia, J. M., et al.articleopenAccess
Set-2013In-line optical characterization during extrusion of polymer blendsTeixeira, P. F.; Hilliou, L.; Covas, J. A., et al.conferenceAbstractrestrictedAccess
2014In-line particle size assessment of polymer suspensions during processingTeixeira, P. F.; Maia, J. M.; Covas, J. A., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2012In-line rheo-optical characterisation of polymeric systemsTeixeira, P. F.; Hilliou, L.; Covas, J. A., et al.conferenceAbstractrestrictedAccess
Fev-2011In-line rheo-optical characterization in gram scale extrusion of materialsTeixeira, P. F.; Thepthong, S.; Hilliou, L., et al.conferenceAbstractrestrictedAccess
2005Influence of long-hain branching on the rheological behavior of polyethylene in shear and extensional flowBarroso, V. C.; Maia, J. M.articlerestrictedAccess
2007Influence of processing conditions on the morphological development and final mechanical properties of PP/LCP blendsFilipe, Susana A.; Maia, J. M.; Leal, Catarina Rosa, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2005Influence of type of compatibilizer on the rheological and mechanical behaviour of LCP/TP blends under different stationary and non-stationary shear conditionsFilipe, Susana A.; Maia, J. M.; Duarte, Ana, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2007Laminar flows in chevron-type plate heat exchangers : CFD analysis of tortuosity, shape factor and friction factorFernandes, C. S.; Dias, R.; Nóbrega, J. M., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
Fev-2011Microfluidic behavior of model and complex fluidsMarques, P.; Hilliou, L.; Covas, J. A., et al.conferenceAbstractrestrictedAccess
Fev-2011Morphology and rheology of polypropylene/polystyrene/clay nanocomposites in batch and continuous melt mixing processesCho, Seahan; Hong, Joung Sook; Lee, Seung Jong, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2018A new extensional mixing element for improved dispersive mixing in twin-screw extrusion, part 2: experimental validation for immiscible polymer blendsCarson, Sidney O.; Maia, João Manuel Luís Lopes; Covas, J. A.articleopenAccess
2002On-Line rheometry for twin-screw extrusion (along the extruder) and its applicationsMaia, J. M.; Carneiro, O. S.; Machado, A. V., et al.articlerestrictedAccess