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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Sep-2013On the predictability of stock market behavior using StockTwits sentiment and posting volumeOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonConference paperOpen access
2007Regulation and marketisation in the Portuguese higher education systemPortela, Miguel; Areal, Nelson; Sá, Carla Angélica da Silva Pinto de, et al.Working paperOpen access
2016Sentiment analysis of stock market behavior from Twitter using the R ToolOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonBook partRestricted access (UMinho)
2018Shoot-at-will: the effect of mass-shootings on US small gun manufacturersAreal, Nelson; Carvalho, AnaWorking paperOpen access
2012Socially responsible investing in the global market : the performance of US and European fundsCortez, Maria do Céu; Silva, Florinda; Areal, NelsonArticleOpen access
2013Some experiments on modeling stock market behavior using investor sentiment analysis and posting volume from twitterOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonConference paperOpen access
2016Stock market sentiment lexicon acquisition using microblogging data and statistical measuresOliveira, Nuno Miguel Rocha; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonArticleOpen access
2011Students' perceptions of blackboard and moodle in a portuguese universityCarvalho, Ana; Areal, Nelson; Silva, JoaquimArticleOpen access
2013The conditional performance of US mutual funds over different market regimes : do different types of ethical screens matter?Areal, Nelson; Cortez, Maria do Céu; Silva, FlorindaArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2017The impact of microblogging data for stock market prediction: Using Twitter to predict returns, volatility, trading volume and survey sentiment indicesOliveira, Nuno Ernesto Salgado; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonArticleOpen access