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2012The contribution of the EURHEO Erasmus Mundus Master Course to R&TD in Engineering RheologyCovas, J. A.; Hilliou, L.; Moldenaers, Paula, et al.conferenceAbstractrestrictedAccess
2-Fev-2012The effect of flow type and chemical functionalization on the dispersion of carbon nanofiber agglomerates in polypropyleneNovais, R. M.; Covas, J. A.; Paiva, M. C.articlerestrictedAccess
2012The effect of processing conditions on the characteristics of electrically conductive thermoplastic compositesCarneiro, O. S.; Covas, J. A.; Reis, R., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2006The effect of the compatibilization route of PA/PO blends on the physico-chemical phenomena developing along a twin-screw extruderMachado, A. V.; Yquel, Virginie; Covas, J. A., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2011The flow complex fluids: a multiscale modeling approachMould, Sacha Trevelyan; Fermeglia, M.; Covas, J. A., et al.conferenceAbstractrestrictedAccess
Ago-2012The influence of carbon nanotube functionalization route on the efficiency of dispersion in polypropylene by twin-screw extrusionNovais, Rui Manuel Freitas; Simon, Frank; Paiva, M. C., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2014The influence of pellet-barrel friction on the granular transport in a single screw extruderMichelangelli, O. P.; Gaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.articlerestrictedAccess
2011The influence of the dispersion method on the electrical properties of vapor-grown carbon nanofiber/epoxy compositesCardoso, Paulo; Silva, J.; Covas, J. A., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2010The morphology during extrusion of PA6/PP blends in the presence of nanoclaysAlmeida, Maria de Fátima; Machado, A. V.; Covas, J. A.conferencePaperrestrictedAccess
2014The plasticating sequence in barrier extrusion screws part I : modelingGaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.articlerestrictedAccess
2014The plasticating sequence In barrier extrusion screws part II: Experimental assessmentGaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.articlerestrictedAccess
2012The role of disorder on the AC and DC electrical conductivity of vapour grown carbon nanofibre/epoxy compositesLanceros-Méndez, S.; Cardoso, Paulo; Klosterman, D., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2004The use of evolutionary algorithms to solve practical problems in polymer extrusionGaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.bookPartopenAccess
2008The use of global mixing indices to assess mixing efficiency in single screw extrusionDomingues, N.; Gaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2015Thermal conditions affecting heat transfer in FDM/FFE: a contribution towards the numerical modelling of the processCosta, S. F.; Duarte, F. M.; Covas, J. A.articleopenAccess
2017Tracking the progression of dispersion of graphite nanoplates in a polypropylene matrix by melt mixingCunha, Eunice Paula Freitas; Paiva, Maria Madalena Freitas Matos; Hilliou, L., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Tribological, rheological and mechanical characterization of polymer blends for ropes and netsMathew, M. T.; Novo, J.; Rocha, L. A., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Understanding the dispersion of fillers in polymer matricesFernandes, C. S.; Ferrás, Luís Jorge Lima; Covas, J. A., et al.conferenceAbstractclosedAccess
2014A universal engineering scale-up approach using multi-objective optimizationGaspar-Cunha, A.; Covas, J. A.articlerestrictedAccess
2009Use of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms in extrusion scale-upCovas, J. A.; Gaspar-Cunha, A.conferencePaperopenAccess