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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2018Acute diverticulitis and subsequent colonoscopy: instigating an old discussionGonçalves, Tiago Cúrdia; Barbosa, Mara; Marinho, Carla, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Mar-2019Acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding: are STRATE and BLEED scores valid in clinical practice?Xavier, S. A.; Machado, F. J.; Magalhães, J. T., et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
2018An exceedingly rare cause of dysphagiaCarvalho, Pedro Boal; Magalhães, Joana; Castro, Francisca Dias de, et al.Letter to the editorRestricted access (Author)
Jun-2018Assessment of prognostic performance of Albumin-Bilirubin, Child-Pugh, and Model for End-stage Liver Disease scores in patients with liver cirrhosis complicated with acute upper gastrointestinal bleedingXavier, Sofia A.; Vilas-Boas, Ricardo; Boal Carvalho, Pedro, et al.ArticleEmbargoed access (1 Year)
1-Dec-2017Can we rely on inflammatory biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring Crohn's disease activity?Arieira, Cátia; Castro, Francisca Dias de; Rosa, Bruno, et al.ArticleOpen access
Mar-2018Capsule endoscopy with PillCamSB2 versus PillCamSB3: has the improvement in technology resulted in a step forward?Xavier, Sofia; Monteiro, Sara; Magalhães, Joana Fernandes Silva, et al.ArticleOpen access
2018Clinical course in Crohn's disease: factors associated with behaviour change and surgeryArieira, Cátia; Gonçalves, Tiago Cúrdia; Castro, Francisca Dias de, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
Nov-2018Common variable immunodeficiency-associated inflammatory enteropathy: the new era of biological therapyArieira, Cátia; Castro, Francisca Dias de; Moreira, Maria João, et al.ArticleOpen access
2016Contrast-enhanced cross sectional imaging and capsule endoscopy: new perspectives for a whole picture of the small bowelCarvalho, Pedro Boal; Cotter, JoséArticleOpen access
2015Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography for suspected choledocholithiasis : from guidelines to clinical practiceCotter, José de Almeida Berkeley; Magalhães, Joana; Rosa, BrunoArticleOpen access
2016Endoscopic scores for evaluation of Crohn’s disease activity at small bowel capsule endoscopy: general principles and current applicationsRosa, Bruno; Pinho, Rolando; Mão de Ferro, Susana, et al.ArticleOpen access
1-Aug-2017Endoscopic ultrasonography - emerging applications in hepatologyMagalhães, Joana; Monteiro, Sara; Xavier, Sofia, et al.ArticleOpen access
22-Jul-2015Enteroscopia por cápsula e doença de Crohn: Caminhos para a otimizaçãoCotter, José de Almeida BerkeleyDoctoral thesisRestricted access (UMinho)
2-Jan-2017Essential role of small bowel capsule endoscopy in reclassification of colonic inflammatory bowel disease type unclassifiedMonteiro, Sara; Castro, Francisca Dias de; Carvalho, Pedro Boal, et al.ArticleOpen access
2-May-2018Fecal Calprotectin as a Selection Tool for Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy in Suspected Crohn's DiseaseMonteiro, Sara; Barbosa, Mara; Cúrdia Gonçalves, Tiago, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
2013Finding the solution for incomplete small bowel capsule endoscopyCotter, José de Almeida BerkeleyArticleOpen access
2018Impact of small bowel capsule endoscopy in iron deficiency anemia: influence of patient's age on diagnostic yieldXavier, Sofia; Magalhães, Joana Fernandes Silva; Rosa, Bruno, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
15-Oct-2015Impact of the age of diagnosis on the natural history of ulcerative colitisGonçalves, Tiago Cúrdia; Castro, Francisca Dias de; Machado, João Firmino, et al.ArticleOpen access
Jun-2015Improving diagnostic yield in obscure gastrointestinal bleeding - how virtual chromoendoscopy may be the answerCastro, Francisca Dias de; Magalhães, Joana; Carvalho, Pedro Boal, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Oct-2015Lewis Score - Prognostic value in patients with isolated small bowel Crohn's diseaseCastro, F. Dias de; Carvalho, Pedro Boal; Monteiro, Sara, et al.ArticleOpen access