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26-Out-2016An enhanced model for stochastic coordinationOliveira, Nuno Ernesto Salgado; Barbosa, L. S.conferencePaperopenAccess
10-Mar-2015Architectural reconfiguration of interacting servicesOliveira, Nuno Ernesto SalgadodoctoralThesisopenAccess
2014Automatic creation of stock market lexicons for sentiment analysis using StockTwits dataOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonconferencePaperopenAccess
2009Improving program comprehension tools for domain specific languagesOliveira, Nuno Ernesto SalgadomasterThesisopenAccess
2016Measuring user influence in financial microblogs: experiments using stocktwits dataCortez, Paulo; Oliveira, Nuno Miguel Rocha; Ferreira, João Carlos PeixotoconferencePaperopenAccess
Set-2013On the predictability of stock market behavior using StockTwits sentiment and posting volumeOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonconferencePaperopenAccess
2013On the reconfiguration of software connectorsOliveira, Nuno; Barbosa, L. S.conferencePaperopenAccess
Abr-2014Partial correctness and continuous integration in computer supported educationFonte, Daniela; Vilas Boas, Ismael; Oliveira, Nuno, et al.conferencePaperopenAccess
Fev-2015A perspective on architectural re-engineeringBarbosa, L. S.; Sanchez, Alejandro; Henriques, Pedro Rangel, et al.articleopenAccess
2014Quantitative analysis of reo- based service coordinationOliveira, Nuno; Silva, Alexandra M.; Barbosa, L. S.conferencePaperopenAccess
2013Reconfiguration mechanisms for service coordinationOliveira, Nuno; Barbosa, L. S.conferencePaperopenAccess
2014ReCooPla: a DSL for coordination-based reconfiguration of software architecturesRodrigues, Flávio Gonçalves; Oliveira, Nuno; Barbosa, L. S.conferencePaperopenAccess
2016Sentiment analysis of stock market behavior from Twitter using the R ToolOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonbookPartrestrictedAccess
2013Some experiments on modeling stock market behavior using investor sentiment analysis and posting volume from twitterOliveira, Nuno; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonconferencePaperopenAccess
2016Stock market sentiment lexicon acquisition using microblogging data and statistical measuresOliveira, Nuno Miguel Rocha; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonarticleopenAccess
2017The impact of microblogging data for stock market prediction: Using Twitter to predict returns, volatility, trading volume and survey sentiment indicesOliveira, Nuno Ernesto Salgado; Cortez, Paulo; Areal, NelsonarticleopenAccess
2011The role of coordination analysis in software integration projectsRodrigues, Nuno F.; Oliveira, Nuno; Barbosa, L. S.conferencePaperopenAccess
2015Towards an engine for coordination-based architectural reconfigurationsRodrigues, Flávio Gonçalves; Oliveira, Nuno; Barbosa, L. S.articleopenAccess