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Jul-2018An integral and sustainable valorisation strategy of squid pen by-productsJosé, V. A.; Ramos, P.; Valcarcel, J., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
Abr-2017Characterizing the curvature and its first derivative for imperfect fluidsRamos, M. P. MachadoarticlerestrictedAccess
27-Nov-2012Classification of a class of conformally flat pure radiation metrics with cosmological constantBradley, Michael; Edgar, S. Brian; Ramos, M. P. MachadoconferencePaperrestrictedAccess
Out-2003Double warped spacetimesRamos, M. P. Machado; Vaz, Estelita; Carot, J.articleopenAccess
2015Dynamical properties of a cosmological model with diffusionRamos, M. P. Machado; Soares, A. J.conferencePaperopenAccess
Mar-2015Dynamics of Robertson-Walker spacetimes with diffusionAlho, Artur; Calogero, Simone; Ramos, M. P. Machado, et al.articleopenAccess
2013Killing vector analysis in GHP formalism of conformally flat pure radiation metrics with negative cosmological constantBradley, Michael; Ramos, M. P. MachadoconferenceAbstractopenAccess
Jan-2018Modelling and analysis of time dependent processes in a chemically reactive mixtureRamos, M. P. Machado; Ribeiro, Carolina; Soares, A. J.articleopenAccess
7-Mar-2005Obtaining a class of type N pure radiation metrics using invariant operatorsRamos, M. P. Machado; Edgar, S. BrianarticleopenAccess
Mai-2007Obtaining a class of type O pure radiation metrics with a negative cosmological constant, using invariant operatorsEdgar, S. Brian; Ramos, M. P. MachadoarticleopenAccess
19-Nov-2016Relativistic Elasticity: recent developments.Ramos, M. P. MachadoconferenceAbstractopenAccess
Dez-2015Studying conformally flat spacetimes with an elastic stress energy tensor using 1+3 formalismBrito, Irene; Ramos, Maria Piedade MachadoarticlerestrictedAccess
Out-2014Symmetry analysis of radiative spacetimes with null isotropy using GHP formalismEdgar, S. Brian; Bradley, Michael; Ramos, M. P. MachadoarticlerestrictedAccess
Nov-2007Type O pure radiation metrics with a cosmological constantEdgar, S. Brian; Ramos, M. P. MachadoarticleopenAccess