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Welcome to the University of Minho Institutional Repository!
RepositóriUM is the University of Minho Institutional Repository and contains a growing collection of the scientific output from the University.

The aim of RepositóriUM is to provide a permanent record of the research output of the University and maximise the visibility, usage and impact of its research through open access.

Most recent submissions:


Experimental study on shear behavior of HPFRC beams reinforced by hybrid pre-stressed GFRP and steel bars


A new methodology for assisting quality control of NSM-CFRP systems since very early ages


Behaviour of concrete elements strengthened with near surface mounted CFRP strips under thermal cycles


A evolução do conceito de poluição da água em alunos do 8º ano de escolaridade : uma abordagem em torno da noção de bioindicadores


Creep behavior and durability of concrete elements strengthened with NSM CFRP strips


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